Recommended Christian Books

My Testimony.
A short account of
how I came to know
Jesus Christ.

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NOTE: Please click here and read this if you encounter any errors. is a great place to by used books at most of the time lower prices. You can search on with the ISBN or title or author. I definitely recommend to check them out before paying full price somewhere else. You can also try they are reasonable and if your purchase is over $25 shipping is usually free.

Frank Bartleman:

"Azusa Street"
ISBN 0882704397

E. M. Bounds:

"Power through Prayer"
ISBN 088368117X

"Guide to Spiritual Warfare"
ISBN 0883686430

John Bunyan:

"The Pilgrim's Progress"
ISBN 0140430040

"The Holy War"
ISBN 0883687062

C. S. Lewis:

"The Great Divorce"

"Mere Christianity"

Watchman Nee:

"The Normal Christian Life"

A. W. Tozer:

"The Pursuit of God"

Leonard Ravenhill:

"Why Revival Tarries"

Norman Grubb:

C. T. Studd

Hannan Hurnard:

Hinds Feet on High Places

David Matthews

"I Saw the Welsh Revival"

James A. Stewart

"Invasion of Wales by the Spirit Through Evan Roberts"

Hannah Whitall Smith

"The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life"

Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts

The Pineapple Story

H. B. Garlock

"Before We Kill and Eat You"
ISBN 0830733868

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