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Links that I have found useful:

  1. This is the web host provider I use, they have provided excellent service and a great unlimited plan that is very reasonable.

  1. - They have compiled a huge collection of sermons. Excellent site.

  2. - This is the link to the church of which I am a member. There are all kinds of online articles and streaming audio files.
  3. Blumhardt's Battle: A Conflict With Satan. - This is a link to an online version of Blumhardt's Battle: A Conflict With Satan. This is a very strange account and may not be for everyone.

  4. - This is an awesome site with all sorts of sermons, music, compilations, and video clips. --"Highly recommended!"
  5. - Ray Comfort's site. Evangelism... witnessing... fulfilling the Great Commission... What does it all mean?
  6. - Recordings, video, from Ravenhill, Hogan, and others.
  7. - FREE BIBLE COMPUTER SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD!! Downloadable bible with all kinds of awesome features, tools and other stuff. Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Devotionals, and all kinds of study helps. Really cool and its free.!!
  8. The Price of a Coconut. - An excellent true story about giving by O. L. King

  9. Duty Awesome Korean Site (I copied this information from: I just really thought it was great!). This is a korean web site but they have an english page. Awesome and touching comic book animations. Make sure to check out one called "Duty" at this link, or click the image on the right to view "Duty". It may take a minute to load.

  10. Glory This one is from the same site and is really powerful as well.

  11. Rare Christian -This site has all kinds of books, and they also have lots of reprints of books that went out of print or books that are really hard to find.

  12. Bible Teaching Ministries. -At this site you can obtain copies of 2 books by Paris Reidhead as well as many audio cassettes of his sermons. I encourage you to help support their ministry if you request any of the free materials. "This website is decidated to the glory of God and to His instructions to, "Go into all the world and make disciples...teaching them to observe all things whatsoever that I have commanded you." The late Reverend Paris Reidhead understood and clearly communicated the depth of the gospel message. God's annointing was on His servant as Mr. Reidhead delivered the words God gave Him. Many of his sermons were preserved on audio tape. "Ten Shekels and a Shirt," "Not to be Wasted," and "If You Agree" have been distributed world wide. Reports coming back have told us of the power these messages have to change lives. These tapes contain principles vital to a Christian's maturity. For that reason we are making these messages available. We believe you will be mightily blessed as you let God speak to your mind and heart through these tapes."

  13. Burning
    This website includes both refined and unrefined. It is my desire to subject everything here to the hot fire that purifies. The piece most refined is my commentary on Job, “Why Am I Still So Miserable?” which is also available at WmWW.

  14. Lake Hamilton Bible Camp Recently Dr. William Null has finished a book on rejection titled:
    "REJECTION, It's Fruits & It's Roots." This is a very comprehensive book on the subject and is highly recommneded. You will also find all kinds of Christian books, sermons, online audio sermons. Lots of material on deliverance. You won't find this stuff just anywhere.

  15. Off Beat:

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

--Matthew 16:24

And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

-- Matthew 10:38