Sermons by David Hogan

My Testimony.
A short account of
how I came to know
Jesus Christ.

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Sermons by David Hogan

Anderson, Indiana December 2-3, 1998

Faith Assembly of God
2817 E 53rd St.
Anderson, IN 46013

  1. December 2, 1998

    -Difficult to hear this recording because the microphone picks up the crowd better than it does David. I tweaked the sound to make David's voice come out better, but the whole thing is a bit tinny.

  2. December 3, 1998

    - David preaches about "Go! Preach the gospel. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons." There was this indian who hadn't slept in a month because the devil was messing with him. David prays and nothing apparent happens. So he gets the old mama to promise him that *when* God touches that boy, that they all come find David and get born again. The Holy Ghost waited until David was gone and then knocked that boy out of the chair and he slept for a day and a half. Then they all came and got born again. Indian man gets hit by the Holy Ghost and starts worshipping God in English. He doesn't naturally speak any English at all! How's that for speaking in tounges? Every now and then the missionaries end up praising God in indian dialects that they have not learned. David feels great fire on him during this service. David talks about a leper that God heals.

Fort Wayne, Indiana March 5-10, 1995 ***"Miracles"***

Vineyard Christian Fellowship
PO Box 12683
Fort Wayne, IN 48684
Pastor Ron Allen

  1. Tape 1 - (Short service)
  2. Tape 2 - David talks about his days before being filled with the Spirit. An excellent challenge to complacent Charismatics.
  3. Tape 3 - David Preaching.
  4. Tape 4 - David Preaching.
  5. Tape 5 - Self-denial: the key to favor with God. It takes many forms. When God chooses to let His power move through you, you don't get to set the times when you will be called upon by people in need. If Jesus is in you, you will help the people who come to you. You know a lot of things. Now simply live it. (Mark 5:24, 6:31-44)

    When God gives you a big faith building experience, the devil will close behind to try to trash that faith. But God will come through again if you will keep on.

  6. Tape 6 - Just because you don't feel or hear or see anything doesn't mean that the power of God has passed you by. To build up a kingdom, another kingdom must be torn down. To build muscle, muscle fibers must be torn down first. David recounts encountering a warlock in a marketplace. The warlock starts cursing David and David responds with a challenge.

    What do you do after you've been born again, baptized, and baptized in the Spirit? Jesus was led into the desert. We want blessing, but the Holy Ghost thinks God's thoughts. We must change to align ourselves with God's kingdom, not our own personal blessing. Once you get the power, you have not arrived. That is only the beginning. God's kingdom must advance.

Fort Wayne, Indiana November 17-19, 1995 ***"Fire of the Living God"***

  1. Tape 1-- This sermon comes less than one month after the first shekinah visitation to the work in Mexico. God came to the pastor's meeting October 27th, 1995. David preaches on the sacrifice that Elijah made and the 5 kinds of hearts it represents: sacrificed, wooden, stoney, dusty, and water.

  2. Tape 2-- David Preaching.

  3. Tape 3-- Man testifies that he was healed of bone cancer after David laid hands on him and Jesus healed him. Why is David so aggressive? Why doesn't he calm down? Because his own dignity is useless.

    Our choices make our lives go wrong. Abraham and Lot in Genesis 13 is the text for this sermon.

  4. Tape 4-- What happens when the man of God makes a mistake? This sermon takes off from where the previous one ended. Abraham was following God, but when the promise of the son was delayed, he made a mistake. What about us?

  5. Tape 5-- What's your price? When your own ambition rears its head, will you chop it off or follow it to hell? David talks about how his ambition messed things up in the early ministry. David really respects the warlocks in the hills of Mexico because of their level of committment. They have power to do anything except raise the dead. Bringing the gospel into these areas and binding up their demons makes them angry. Now you get to deal with honest to goodness warfare. David describes how a demon attacked him and pretty much killed him and how his men and his wife interceded for him. He continues to obey in spite of his weakness, and God heals him.

    David rags on jezebel women and ahab men. He also rags on worthless trucks. Men and women of God make mistakes, the difference between those who keep on with God and those who are destroyed is that one has their tent pitched at the altar of God and the other has their tent pitched at Sodom. Praying and fasting won't do you any good if you choose Sodom as your dwelling (choosing lust, greed, comfort and idolatry in your heart). God's grace keeps those who are in His camp alive even when they mess up. David can't seek God for you. You have to seek Him yourself.

  6. Tape 6-- Elisha wanted a double-portion of the spirit that was on Elijah. He followed the man of God, and would not be persuaded aside. The other prophets kept telling him that Elijah was about to die. Elisha just kept saying "Yeah, I know. Shut up." He kept his eyes on the man of God even during the amazing show of the chariots of fire. And God granted him his request of the mantle of Elijah. The other prophets all had the same word from God, but Elisha had a goal in mind that they missed entirely. They were not demons; they were listening to God. But he pursued the annointing and got it. David is used by God to find an ancient Aztec well during a drought.

Fort Wayne, Indiana December 8-12, 1996 ***"Walking in the Truth"***

  1. Tape 1-- Dwell with God to see His power.

  2. Tape 2-- David wants to get the number of Christians who get results to increase. They must dwell with God in the truth. Our appetite for the world blocks the way. The only reason that we continue in our powerless way is because we settle for it. It is entirely our fault, not God's fault. Cancer is not bigger than God, but sin in you will block Him. Even though you know what the truth is, you will compromise it and call it loving people. The truth is our greatest possession.

  3. Tape 3-- Why don't you have any power? You don't seek God and you're filled with Babylon. You see and hear David every year and God blasts you with His power. Why aren't you walking in it? Every time these guys come back, you guys are exactly the same or worse. Fall on your face before Jesus - every day. Leave the Christian guidance books and take up His book. The church keeps splitting and arguing over anything God wants to do. Open yourself up to God and quit your love affair with the world.

    Britt Hancock (I think) delivers a short truthful smack to the church. Jason Fitzpatrick testifies about his part in the work and how he has seen the dead raised. "Don't ever outgrow your daddy". You start getting a big head after God annoints you, and you will fail. Repentance pleases God. David tells about three pastors in the work that were against each other. God set them up so that they had to face their conflict in order to keep preaching.

    How can we think that we as a church or as individuals can disobey God and have that be ok? We have got to repent. God's judgement is coming. Do you imagine evil in your heart against your neighbor? Zechariah 8:16-17

    Jeremiah 10:7-8 Doctrines of vanities. They just can't compare to truth. David tells about a boy who was run through with a machete, and what Jesus does with him. David tells about the snake man, a black-magic warlock that the demon turned against. David has Luis, his 7 year-old, cast the devil out of the man.

  4. Tape 4-- "God will reverse the natural laws for me if I can walk in truth." Excellence of spirit, faithfulness to God, fasting and prayer, innocence. These are the qualities, that if they are found in you, will allow the Spirit of God to raise the dead and heal every disease. God heals a boy who was paralyzed for 20 years.

    You don't think your life shines very bright, but go to where there is lots of darkness and you will SHINE! God will do things for you and through you.

  5. Tape 5-- Joe-D Hogan preaches a bit at the beginning. His manner is different than David's. Joe-D is more quiet and reserved, but he is out there in the battle with David. No matter what your manner, if you submit to God, you can go to the mission field. These guys go through hardships and troubles. Going to the field does not mean fun and games, it means more troubles than those who get along with the devil. Your family will be hurt, your children may die, the spiritual attacks are tremendous and bizarre, your mind will be messed with, and it is worth it for those souls that Jesus was tortured and died for. Why aren't you following Jesus to these villages or to the other places on earth where people don't have the good news about Jesus. What is your excuse?

    David talks about when a fellow missionary gets Dengue fever. Then the missionary's wife gets it while he is delerious. He comes out of it to find his wife sick and himself too weak to move. He hears his wife hit the floor and finds her with her head split open on the floor and he is still extremely weak. Their little daughter has to take care of both of them. The next day Jesus heals both of them. Jesus is king, Dengue isn't.

  6. Tape 6-- Jay Williams tells about meeting a guy at the airport that he had a problem with. The guy had a Bible, but he wasn't doing anything with it. He just had it for his "own personal learning and edification". Grrrrr! What are you going to do for God today? How about next week?

    Psalms 84, Daniel. David is politically correct again in this sermon. Yeah, right. No stupid witchdoctor that comes here looking like a hoot owl is going to cause any of my family to die! The Holy Ghost don't allow that.

    David decides to attack the witchdoctors and rob their altars. Mind you, these witchdoctors seal themselves in caves and fast and pray to their demons until they get an answer. They are much more committed than 99% of Christians. So he goes to their cave (where no other Christian would set foot) and finds their altar. He takes their money from the altar and goes to find another altar. He finds a room absolutely covered in tarantulas. He goes to the altar anyway and robs it. The eerieness of the demons that are there is really strange and exciting. He wants to be so aggressive against the devil and get so close to them that he can feel the fire of hell! That's fun! So he comes out with a whole sack of money and curses the place and asks God to be there instead of the devil, so that when the warlocks come they run into God instead of what they expected. Then he bought Bibles for the people with the money. A lot of people think that that is wrong and that that is "devil money". Bah! Establishing the Kingdom of God means destroying the kingdom of the devil and dedicating the spoils to God. David tells how he demonstrates the love and patience of the Holy Ghost when a mother dies and she won't get back up. He says that this was the hardest thing he has faced in ministry.

    Catholics don't like it when people get saved. It takes money away from their candle sales because people can go to Jesus instead of cowering before the idol of some dead saint. They would rather kill the preachers than lose any more money. David has lost preachers this way. Compromise will end you up in the same fire that you are trying to avoid by compromise. So the preachers do not compromise. Find new ways to pay the full price so that God's glory can be released.

  7. These older files are of lesser audio quality, but the message is still clear

  8. Hebrews 6:18
  9. Isaiah 42
  10. November 30, 1991
  11. December 1, 1991
  12. July 8, 1992
  13. February 23, 1994
  14. David Hogan in Australia 1994-1996

  15. 1994.10.07 a.m. Christian Outreach Centre, Mansfield, Brisbane, Australia.
  16. 1994.10.08 David tells about his call to mission work.
  17. 1994.10.08 PM Christian Outreach Centre, Redcliffe, Brisbane, Australia.
  18. 1994.10.09 Christian Outreach Centre, Mansfield, Brisbane, Australia.
  19. 1994.10.10 Christian Outreach Centre, Nambour, Australia.
  20. 1994.10.11 Christian Outreach Centre, Nambour, Australia.
  21. 1994.10.14 Liberty Fellowship and Bayside Christian Family, Wynnum, Australia.
  22. 1994.10.15 Liberty Fellowship and Bayside Christian Family, Wynnum, Australia.
  23. 1994.10.16 Liberty Fellowship and Bayside Christian Family, Wynnum, Australia.
  24. 1994.10.19 Christian Outreach Centre, Mansfield, Brisbane, Australia.
  25. 1996.10.23 Liberty Fellowship tent crusade, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia.
  26. 1996.10.25 Liberty Fellowship tent crusade, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia.
  27. 1996.10.26 Liberty Fellowship tent crusade, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia.
  28. 1996.10.26 Deborah Hogan speaks at ladies' meeting, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia. Poor audio quality.
  29. 1996.10.27 Liberty Fellowship tent crusade, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia.
  30. 1996.10.29 Liberty Fellowship tent crusade, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia.
  31. 1996.10.30 Liberty Fellowship tent crusade, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia.
  32. 1996.11.10 Christian Outreach Centre, Mansfield, Brisbane, Australia.
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